Friday, October 9, 2009

Telah di takdirkan .....

This morning, while browsing the UiTM Staff portal (viewing to see if the PTK results is out), I stopped by at MY Personal Info and Academic's Achievement, and found this:


1991 - 2000 - 2009 ......What can you see from this? I did not realized it before. Not until today. Well, Allah has nicely planned for me to get a degree after every 10 years. My colleague once said to me after my viva, "When we are going to get our PhD is already written in the Loh Mahfudz, therefore, when the right time comes, everything becomes so easy for you and the success is yours". BUT, "No pain, No Gain".... that is also what Allah has promised us.

Each of us must work, must put an effort, in order to get something, followed by doa' and tawakkal. The last part is to redha (accept) with what has been written for us --- that is to belief in the qadha' and qadar'. I always belief, whatever that happens to me, good or bad, there's a reason behind it and Allah knows best, and there's hikmah for each.

I would like to relay a story told to me by Datin Dr Noor Habibah (while we were waiting for the judge to come to our booth during the recent PECIPTA competition at KLCC). The story goes like this ... (btw, she got this story from an Ustaz in a morning talk show on TV):

A King peeled an apple, but accidently cut-off his finger. He was sad with what had happen to him. His advisor told him not to be sad, as there must be a hikmah for what had happen. The King was furious with the advisor's answer and threw him into the prison.

One day, regretting putting his advisor into the prison, the king visited the advisor and plan to release him from the prison. "O Mr Advisor, I am so sorry for putting you into the cell.", say the King. "It's Ok my King, as I belief that there is a hikmah for this," replied the advisor. Furious with the answer, he sentenced the advisor to a lifetime imprisonment.

One day, the King and his troop when into the jungle to hunt. On their way back to the castle with animals that they hunt, they were atacked by a group of cannibals (man eating people). The cannibals are looking for a perfect man to be sacrificed to their so called 'god'. They thought the King was the best candidate as he looks perfect and healthy. A close observation on him made the cannibals changed their mind as the King loses a finger which make him imperfect. So the cannibals release the King and start looking for the next most perfect man.

The King was happy and hurried home to see his Advisor. "O Advisor! You are correct when you said that cutting-off a finger has a hikmah behind it as the cannibals did not want me for their sacrifice. I'm released. I'm grateful. Now, I am really sorry for putting you behind bars.", said the King. "O My King, It's Ok. I can see there's a hikmah when you put me behind bars.", replied the Advisor. The King was curious, "How come?", he asked. "Well, as an advisor, I must always be at your side. Therefore, if you are caught by the cannibal, I'm sure I'll be caught by the cannibals too, if I am not behind bars now.", explained the Advisor. "So?", the King becomes more excited. "So, when the cannibals release you because you're not perfect as you lost a finger, they will start looking for the next closest to you and who are perfect. I am closest to you and I am perfect. If I am not here, I am sure the cannibals will pick me as their new sacrifice. Therefore, I am grateful to be locked up in the prison and did not go hunting with you because the cannibals cannot get me. And now, I am safe. That is HIKMAH!", the Advisor finished his lengthy explanation.

Now, the King understands the meaning of hikmah that has been mentioned by the Advisor.

In other word, as a Muslim, that is our Sixth Principle, to Belief in Qadha' and Qadr'. We must accept what Allah has designed for us, and always be grateful for it, for there must be a HIKMAH behind it.

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