Friday, October 16, 2009

Noktah Kehidupan .... Siri 2

If you read my earlier posting about 'Noktah Kehidupan', this is the continuation of that. Remember, I visited two friends at the HTAR, one passed away Monday, 5th October, the other one passed away yesterday, leaving behind 3 kids aged between 5 - 10 years old. Innalillahi wainna ilahi rajiun.

"Semoga Allah tempatkan Noraini bersama-sama orang yang beriman, diterima amal ibadahnya dan memperoleh ganjaran atas kesabaran dan redhanya menghadapi ujianMu dalam menanggung kesakitan itu. Amin."

It was at about 9 last night, while my husband and I at Seng Heng browsing few things that attracted us when my husband received a text message on his mobile about the demise of Noraini, Mat Zin's wife. It was expected, just a matter of time as her condition is worsening, deteriorating rapidly from the time we visited her last Ramadhan. I can still remember her saying to me, in between tears, that she did not expect to survive the chemo this time round. Her tears ran down the cheek as she said this, she quickly wiped it dry and try to put a smile on her face, trying to hide her feeling. I was lost for words but tried my best to console her and encourage her to keep on fighting .. but Allah knows best.

According to Zin, it was at about 6.00pm yesterday when she became very weak, complaining a pain in the chest. According to Zin again, she had showed some sign that she's living the world beginning that afternoon. She wanted someone to be at her side all the time, not to leave her alone. When noticed Zin looking at her, she whispered something to Zin with her husky voice as her vocal chord is partly damage due to thyroid and the cancerous cell. And her words that touched us was, "Kenapa pandang saya macam tu? Dah ada tanda-tanda ke?", as if she knows that Izrail is already at her side. Ahhhg .......

After Maghrib, her breathing became faster, according to Zin, the kids were curious, they were wondering what is happening to their mother??? (I cannot imagine). And at about 7.45pm, peacefully, she left the world, the husband and the kids behind. Leaving behind the suffering as well, as the cancerous cell mercilessly attack one part of her body and organ after another. It was an active cancer, as it spread very fast. After her first removal of one her breast, she was up and about for about 6 months. She said, it was a new life for her then. But come this March, the cancer attacks again, and this time she hasn't got the time to fight as it spreads very fast. From the thyroid, to lungs and the blood cells ....

Ya Allah, ujian yang kau timpakan ke atas rakan ini mengingatkan aku betapa aku ini, Hamba yang lalai, tidak mensyukuri nikmatMu, nikmat kesihatan dan kesenangan ini tidak ku gunakan untuk menghambakan diri padaMu. Ampunilah aku Ya Allah. Amin ...

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