Monday, October 5, 2009

Nokhtah Kehidupan ....

Last Saturday, despite our busy schedule to attend to Raya invitations, attending to visitors to our house, we managed to visit 2 critically illed people at the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital. K.Anum (50 years old) my neighbour was admitted to the ICU for gangren in her intestine. The illness is detected too late that leads to virus contaminating her blood. The other one was Md Zin's wife, admitted for chemothraphy on her cancerous cell at the neck. The neck was swollen as if a volcano is going to erupt. Passing by the beds with patients with all sorts of sickness and illness was a very eye and mind opening and heart remembering to how grateful we are to be bestowed with good health. Syukur, alhamdulillah.

Ya Allah, you have given us this good health so that we continuously remember and able to fulfill our commitment to You. Ibadah only to YOU. But we human always seems to forget our final destiny.

This morning, as early as 5.00am, I received an sms from my husband (who was in Singapore) that K.Anum has passed away at 2.50am. Even though I was not that close to her, but her sight came flashing in me. I can still remember her friendly smile as she walk pass my house to go to surau. Alhamdulillah, she has just completed her commitment to Allah, by fulfilling the 5th rukun by going to Hajj last season. It was a week ordeal for her. Saturday (26th) she was still looking healthy despite some complaint about a pain in the stomach, Saturday (27thth) fell sick, but still able to communicare with neighbours, Monday(28th) fell coma, Monday(5th) stops her journey on this world and began a new life in alam barzakh.

Her daughter was crying throughout, sitting beside her breathless body all the time as visitors make round to pay our last respect to her, her son was the imam for the last prayer for her .... When I visited her, I pray to Allah, if her journey on this earth is coming to a full stop, please take her in peace and iman, but if her journey here is still a long way to go, please make her recover so that she can continuosly perform ibadah towards the Creator. May my prayer answered. May Allah bless her, accept all her ibadah and place her with all mukminin. Alfatihah .....

I was imagining, what if it was me and not her.... am I prepared???????

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