Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another visit to the hospital

Yes, yesterday we (my husband & me) made another visit to a hospital, this time it is Hospital Serdang. Who did I visit? My own big brother, Hj Azman, who recently celeberated his 48th birthday on 15th October, (2 days before my dear sister, Hjh Mahiran, who celeberated her 46th birthday).

The text message came at about 3am, when I was deep asleep. I did not realize it until 9am, while getting ready to go to the office. The message reads like this,

"Azman masuk hospital serdang sbb sakit dada kiri - emergency ward pde pukul 3am lbh."

I was shocked. However, i always know that he has heart problem, as he once failed the stress test. He also had missed an appointment with IJN for further check-up. He had this attitude of would not care much for his health. He normally resorts to taking alternative medication or herbs rather than going to the doctor. And .... he was ... oppppsss... IS a SMOKER, despite whatever that Mak said to him. He just could not leave THAT habit.

I called his number for further clarification. K.Rose (his wife, my sis-in-law), answered. Yes, he was already admitted for close observation at Cardiac High Dependency Ward (CHDW) of Hospital Serdang for a mild heart attack. I called my husband, and we agreed to visit him in the evening (therefore, my husband need to leave his office early ---orang Pulau Indah lah katakan .... nun ....... di seberang laut). I called Abang (my eldest brother) if he knows about this, 'No' was the short answer. We decided to inform our parents later in the evening. Faqrudin (my youngest brother) was the first to see Abang Man. He was there early in the morning at about 5am, when K.Rose called him to help her to stay with Abg Man at the hospital as K.Rose has to go back to look after the kids.

When we see Abg Man in the evening, he was sleeping. When he woke up, he put a smile and was saying that this is just a small matter, no big fuss, and blaming K.Rose for alerting everbody. It was him, ego as always. Whatever it is, he is still my big brother whom I respect and the bond will always be there. Despite all the saying of feeling better, we can see that he is in pain, with every breath that he takes. And today, doctors will be performing COROS (a medical prodedure) on him to see the condition of the heart and the blockage. Then, doc will decide whether a stenting (balloon) procedure or a by-pass is required. I pray to Allah to give him good health and recover ASAP.

May Allah bless my brother with good health so that he could perform his duty to Allah as a caliph on this world. Amin.

It's a good reminder for us too, to take good care of the body and soul that Allah has borrowed us with so that we could lead a happy life on the world and preparing for the hereafter.


  1. Wishing your dear brother a speedy recovery. Tapi tu la kan, the habit of smoking tu kena berhenti juga. Alhamdulillah my hubby who used to be a heavy smoker, dah berhenti about 4 years ago. Dia berhenti sendiri selepas melihat cousin dia yang ada heart problem and a heavy smoker, suffering. Kalau kita tegur pun tak guna juga sebab they won't stop unless with their own will. Kita doakan ajelah...

  2. Thanks MamaFami. Alhamdulillah he has stopped that habit. Finally. Waiting for the operation day as he had to undergo bypass surgery.