Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Journey back to Shah Alam @Raya 2009

Akhirnya kembali ke rumah setelah lebih seminggu meninggalkan rumah di bandar untuk pulang berhari raya di kampung halaman di sisi ayah bonda dan saudara mara tercinta.

Our journey back to Shah Alam began at 8.15 am, Saturday, 26 September 2009, when we last waved to my parents, mak & bapak. It was a touching moment. Bapak easily drop his golden tears, mak as usual, strong but looking a bit sad. We were the last group to leave the house (we were the first group to arrive in Kg Pertama .... tapi tengah2 tu kat Sg Petani le jugak). It is suppose to be 'sesudah subuh' departure time, hihihi .... that's normal isn't it? At least we did not pass noon.

(1st stop)
We leave early because we plan to have few stops along the way and also to avoid the massive traffic. From the Juru toll, we took the Jawi exit to head to Bagan Serai, our first pit stop. We are here to meet my x-classmate, Noor Adillah Osman. The last time I met her was 9 years ago. Thanks to my husband who has agreed to drive me to my friend's house. Served with nasi lemak and nasi goreng (only about 9.30 am at that time), we had a wonderful chat. But we could not stay long as we still have a very long journey to go. BTW, we just had nasi goreng at mak's house, just imagine what our stomach were saying to us ..... HEY YOU! STOP EATING! .... I'M ALMOST BURST .... tapi orang dah jamu, tak boleh menghampakan.

(2nd stop)
Moving on, we entered Taiping, when my husband suggested that we stop by at Mak Ngah's house to pay her a visit. Unfortunately, after 3 salam, and few knocks on the door, still no answer. According to the neighbour, she must have gone only for a while as the gate is wide ajar. It's ok, it's not in our plan anyway, and Allah knows our nawaitu.

(3rd stop)
Next stop is at Bukit Gantang for some teh tarik and fruits. A short stop as ayah waited in the car, while the girls (Nisa', Atikah & Sabrina) dashed to the toilets and ibu search for teh tarik, milo ais and some fruits. We continued our journey, the girls at the last row were chatting happily (mesti tengah dok sembang pasal cerita Korea ... ntah apa la yg best sangat) ... Hakim as usual keep on pestering Sabrina, making her to shout, scream and all sorts of noise. My simple solution ..."Hakim! Tidur la ....." .... and it was a silence, I turn around to see all four of them were fast asleep. My eyes were also sleepy, and I did not realize when it dozed offff ....... but only a short while.

(4th stop)
Ayah needed to go to the loo, so did Sabrina and Hakim. Next stop was at ...... hmmmm .... cannot recall ... was it Ladang Bikam? but I'm sure it's a Hentian Sebelah (wonder why they named it as such). It was about 1.oo pm. It's not zohor time yet, therefore we decided to proceed to rumah Kak Nah at Rawang and perform our solat at Sg Buluh R&R.

(5th stop)
I've sent SMS to K.Nah asking her whereabout, but no reply. Anyway, without hesitation, we decided to proceed to her Restaurant (ZAMAZ Restaurant at Rawang). When we were about 50km from her restaurant, we receive a call from her, comfirming that she is at the restaurant. We arrived at her restaurant at about 2.00p.m. My stomach made some noise, signalling to be filled. As usual, my menu at the restaurant will be Nasi Goreng Kampung, the three of us (Nisa, Atikah & me) had Nasi Goreng Kampung with telur dadar. Unfortunate for Sabrina as Mak Ngah did not cook her favourite Nasi Ayam, therefore, she resort to Nasi Goreng Ayam. Hakim sulked because he did not get a seat next to me and refused to eat, while Ayah had Mee Rebus after a long chat with Abang Z. It was a GREAT lunch! Thanks K.Nah. We left the restaurant at about 3.10pm.

(6th Stop)
Our next stop is a stop to perform our obligation to the MErciful ALLAH s.w.t. It was at Sg Buluh R&R. Alhamdulillah we manage to get a parking slot despite many cars coming into the rest area. While at the rest area, I made a call to Chu Ton asking her whereabouts. Chu Ton's house is our next stop.

(7th Stop)
From the highway we took the Jalan Duta exit and proceed to Chu Ton's house through DUKE Highway (Duta Ulu KElang Hiway). That was our first time using DUKE and to our surprise it really made our journey shorter and more convenient. We arrive at Chu Ton's house in no time. Chus (Chu Ton & Chu N) has just performed their 'Asr prayer. We had a chat, drinks and some ketupat & rendang and left Chu's house when it was 5.30pm. Again we took DUKE, followed by SPRINT and later proceed to Federal Highway. When in PJ, I received a call from Liza Salleh asking our whereabouts as she was in Shah Alam ...aaahh ... too bad we were not around and we have another pit stop to go (missed the opportunity to meet another x-classmate).

(8th Stop)
In PJ we turn to Jalan 222 to Pak Besaq's house. Going to his house is always a gamble, no calls will be made before going to his house. If he is around, we'll stop. If he is not, we will just continue our journey. Anyway, it is just on our way back to Shah Alam. We are lucky, they were at home. We chat, I helped Mak Besaq to serve us, we had our drinks and excused ourself when it was already 6.30pm.

Alhamdulillah ...... mission accomplished. We have paid our seniors a visit. May Allah grant and bestowed us with Rahmah and accept our little mission as ibadah. Amin.

We finally reached home during the call for Maghrib prayer. Nisa' & Atikah helped out with the 'unloading' job while the males headed to the musolla for Maghrib prayer. We were all 'full' and tired. The journey back to Shah Alam this time took the longest time ever, with the most stops we ever had (Harap2 Nisa' tak menyesal ikut Maksu Ina).

But somehow ... i think i need to reorganize, decorate the house a bit and fill cookies into the cookie jar .... What if someone comes to the house for Raya tomorrow (& the house is a mess) ?????

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