Friday, July 31, 2009

Sekeping Senangin dan semangkuk sotong goreng ....

Emmmm ... berkobar-kobar aku nak balik lunch hari ni sebab dah masak something simple but delicious (at least for my taste).

I made a 'Senangin Masak Lemak Merah' and just the 'Fried Squid with Potato'. Sounds delicious? I am, because I am starving at the moment. (Waiting for the crowd of the Friday prayers to disperse before going back for lunch).

I am all ready to go home for lunch. I purposely pick this time (2pm) to go back so that I could send Atikah to school at the same time. Luckily, I called before going back. I called to ask whether there is any parking space for me ... yup! said Atikah. She sounds shaken when I said that I am going home. Hesitating she told me that THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT for me to eat except the plain rice. Few of her friends came over and they had lunch together ......

Well, itu lah rezeki namanya. Teringat kuliah maghrib di surau few weeks back, "Milik kita hanyalah apa yang kita pakai, dan apa yang kita makan". True ... that senangin is supposed to be my lunch (theoretically) but since it was not meant for me (bukan rezeki), I cannot eat it.

Am I angry? Why must I? I must believe in qadha' and qadar' - remember Rukun Iman? This may look so simple but it's the simple test that Allah has put on me, to test whether I am going to redha over this small test or get furious for not being able to eat the ikan senangin. In fact, I should feel happy and blessed because I have provided food for few schoolchildren (children ke? - belasah je lah) to eat before they go for school - hopefully they are there for 'fi sabilillah'.

In normal circumstances, the ikan senangin will normally left untouched by anybody during lunch (because my kids do not keen on fish - not a good habit kan!). So, I just put a piece of ikan senangin, more for the flavour, actually (If I know that few of her friends are coming, I would have put more). But today, as it is not meant for me, ikan senangin yang seketul tu, are all eaten by Atikah and friends.

Itulah .... Rezeki.

Hi hi hi .... nasib baik tak ikut jejak langkah ibu yang dalam cerita 'Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup', kalau tak, kahwin dengan anak raja la anakku nanti ............

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