Monday, July 20, 2009

Kesian Anakku Ini

Anak lagi ..... dah nak buat macam mana, bila dah jadi ibu, kehidupan berkisar hanyalah pada anak. Anak, anak, anak. Suami pun ada jugak ..... tapi tak naklah story kat sini especially because I know that 'he' reads my blog sometime - when he has time.

Kali ni pasal Sabrina atau nama glamournya, Kak Ngah.

Fetching her from school, from her 'Kem Ibadat Solat Siri-3/2009', she looks a little bit sad. Btw, fetching them from school on Saturdays was not part of my job list, but I got to do it last Saturday as Ayah went 'menebas' at Perangsang Templer Golf Club (PTGC). I think, I must start learning to adapt to it ... as Ayah is beginning to like this 'menebas' thing. (If you're reading my dear, go ahead dear, honestly, but please ... just don't forget to put family first above all like what you're doing now. Honestly, I said honestly. I know how you have dreamt of doing that - 'MENEBAS'. It's better than scuba diving, I think. Arrgh .... why men normally have costly hobby - in terms of time and money. I know not all, and some women do as well).

Coming to Sabrina's .... Sulkily she said, "K.Ngah tak makan apa-apa pun tadi kat sekolah ....". "Kenapa?", I asked, very briefly while steering my car coming out from the parking lot. Hakim is happily moving about in the car - tak boleh duduk diam betulla budak ni.

"Hari ni makan nasi lemak .....", she answered sadly.

"K.Ngah tak bagi tau cikgu ke K.Ngah tak boleh makan nasi lemak?", I asked.

"Tak.", a short answer from her.

"Ibu dah masak ke belum?", she asked with hopes in her eyes. "Dah ...", my answer comforted her.

"Hakim tak nak makan, tadi Hakim makan dua bungkus. Afiq suruh Hakim makan dia punya", Hakim contributing to the conversation. But I know the reason for telling this is to justify to my 'soon to make him eat lunch' act. Okay Hakim, you may skip lunch that Ibu has cooked today.

Let's look at how Sabrina eats that afternoon, after coming back from Kem Ibadah Solat on July, 18th 2009. She was not aware that I was capturing the video, she thought I was just looking at old photos on my HTC. (Maaf, video belum dapat disiarkan, ada sedikit masalah teknikal).

Btw, Sabrina is allergic to protein in egg white, nuts and coconut milk. I pity her as she has limited things to eat. Tapi bumi Allah ni terlalu kaya untuk berfikir sedemikian. Terlalu banyak makanan yang telah dikurniakan, its just limited in the food that we used to eat, actually.

Sabar my dear (agaknya, sebab tu lah namanya Sabrina- kesabaran kami). Allah mengasihi hambaNya yang bersabar dan redha .....

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