Monday, July 6, 2009

July 6

Dah July 6 .... Half a year gone.
Dah Rejab ..... Ramadhan just round the corner.

Kenapa la selalu rasa kelam kabut. Bila la agaknya nak reda kelam kabut ni.
Dulu PhD disalahkan, tapi PhD dah selesai.
Yang tak selesai hanyalah kelam kabut ni.

I wish I could sit on a breezy beach
stretching my legs on the sandy beach
sitting and watching my kids playing together
just sit .... relaxing
ahhh......... how I wish ...

Ya Allah .... i am so tired
for reasons that I don't know why
is it a respond to the years lived

Ya Allah ... i need strength
My children need me to guide their path
My children need me for love and trust
Can I provide them with all that?

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