Monday, July 27, 2009

emmm .... vacation

Alhmdulillah ... tercapai jugak hajatku nak bercuti dengan anak-anak di tempat yang aku suka. I better dont mention the location, i'm not giving free advertisement here. but I really like being here. Really happening! (pinjam istilah budak-budak sekarang).

These are the photos of my children enjoying their time there. Below are the photos of the environment around the place.

I have lots more photos actually, but I lost it while synchronizing my htc to my notebook (sometimes technology cheated on us as well).

Why I like being here so much? Hmmmm ...
#1. the atmosphere. cooling. greenery effect.
#2. the walking path. also cool.
#3. the swimming pool. open 24 hrs. I can have my swim when everbody else asleep (ye lah tu!).
#4. water sport activity.
#5. beach activity, especially during the low tide.

What i don't like about this place:
#1. the accomodation is too small (bcoz we crammed the whole family in one room)
#2. not many choice of food for breakfast
#3. the parking is a bit too far (you'll only get a parking that is within the premise if you're VERY LUCKY).

5 against 3, I think I would want to come here again, InsyaAllah.


  1. mk su ina,,ni kat mana?
    avillion kn?

    nanti nak ajak umi mai sini la.