Friday, July 17, 2009

Cat Dog

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Have u ever watch that series? Well, my younger kids LOVE it .... it's a stupid and did not make sense at all. How can a cat and a dog be attached together? What an imagination ..... i wonder how the creator of this cartoon series got the idea. Stupid? Shhhh..... But I enjoyed watching it tooo ... well, maybe sometimes .... It's secret ok? Don't tell anybody that I like to watch it ....

Hello! Hello! What are you mumbling about? ................ Yes, I can hear you. You are asking, what the heck am I doing talking about the CatDog? I wanted to actually highlight a different 'catdog', it's about the pepatah Melayu ... Bagai anjing dengan kucing.

What does it mean?? Nak jadi Karam Singh Walia sikit hari ni.

Bagai anjing dengan kucing (It's like a dog and a cat) means two person that cannot meet each other as they will always fight when they are near to each other.

That is what happen to two of my kids: the eldest and the youngest. The second child is the cool type and tries to give in when in a fight (tapi kadang-kadang tu, dia belasah juga adiknya .... aku biarkan je ...., they'll survive).

When I came home from office for lunch today, I can hear Hakim's voice crying even from the gate. I wonder ... What now????? Opening the door was Sabrina, "Ibu! Hakim nangis. Kakak tendang dia". The reporter reporting live from the scene.

My hunger strikes, my blood pressure rose, "Atikah! Kan ibu dah cakap banyak kali jangan melampau sangat dengan adik", I burst out.

"Hakim tu yang menyakitkan hati. Ejek-ejek orang. Atikah tak sengaja. Bukan nak buat kuat, tapi dia hadang, tu yang kena", defended Atikah, while Hakim is crying out loud.

"Dah! Hakim, berhenti nangis. Lain kali jangan sakitkan hati orang", I blurted again.

Wahhh .... Not easy maa.... to become a referee. I must be fair. I don't want them to think that I am biased, especially Atikah who always thought that i favor the younger ones compared to her. That's not true my dear ... I love all of you equally.

Witnessing their LOVE!

Atikah, just look at the eyes of your brother and sister .... they are still little girl and boy ... be patient with them. I know you can tolerate with them. Hakim is a boy ... born to be naughty.

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