Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today is Our Day!!!!

'Today is our day' is the geese that I got from my reading this morning while waiting for 9 am. Why 9 am? It's nothing, just waiting for the course to begin. Dr Aidh al-Qarni in his book, "Don't Be Sad" said that let's make today your day. Make fullest of the day because you might not see tomorrow. Wow! it is almost similar to my earlier posting, talking about time and how we should fill up our time.

According to Dr Aidh, do the best that you can, never delay even a minute to do good things even among human or the Creator. There are times when we take for granted everything that is around us, friends, relatives, siblings, parents, children, spouse ... we thought that we can make over to them tomorrow. Are you sure you are going to see the shed of tomorrow's life?

Ya Allah! I'm aware of this, half of me wanted to do the best, but the other half of me says, just do it later. Ya Allah! I must work hard to be better, to perform the best and never delay any good deeds. Amin ........

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