Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hakim kena cucuk

"Ibu! Hakim kena cucuk. Satu kiri dan satu kanan.", jerit Hakim sebaik melangkah masuk ke rumah. Sampai terlupa nak bagi salam.

"Sakit tak?", tanyaku ringkas.

"Tak sakit pun", balas Hakim.

"Tak sakit?", tanyaku tak percaya (memang tak percaya pun).

"Iye, tak sakit. Hakim baca doa", balas Hakim dengan penuh perasaan.

I was smiling and at the same time saying Alhamdulillah. Last night, when he told us that nurses are coming for injection, I was worried, he was always a little bit nervous and never trust people to do something on him. A simple example, he always tries to push my hand aside while I am brushing his teeth. But my husband comforted by saying that he will be ok when with friends. At that time, I was really hoping that my husband is correct.

I remembered during the last 'khatan', because he did not trust us, he did the cleaning on the wounds by himself. He even applied the cream (medicine) on the wound by himself. And also because he did not trust the doctor, he sat up to see what the doctor is doing to him during the incision procedure. That is my boy, Hakim.

On our way up, while on the stairs, I asked Hakim,

"Macam mana boleh jadi tak sakit?".
"Hakim baca doa", jawabnya selamba je.
"Ustazah suruh ke?", tanyaku lagi.
"Tak lah. Hakim yang nak baca sendiri", jawab Hakim lagi, serius.
Aku mula merasa bangga.

"Hakim baca doa apa?", tanya ku, a bit curious.
"Hakim baca doa la, baca zikir banyak-banyak. Baca Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah dan Selawat", balas Hakim dengan confident.

He repeated the same thing that he did during the 'khatan', he was reciting Al-Fatihah over and over throughout the procedure, even the doc was smiling at him.

Alhamdulillah ..... aku bersyukur.

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