Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 Batang pen dan sebatang 'highlighter' merah jambu ...

Cuba lihat gambar ini betul-betul ......

Apa yang anda nampak?
Betul, 2 batang pen dan sebatang highlighter merah jambu.

What is so significant about these? They are just ordinary stationeries ... used in the office or at schools. Therefore, why write about something that is nothing.

Now, look at the following:

What do you see? Yes, a self-made card, simple but very meaningful .... The pen and highlighter came out from these two cards. One is from Sabrina and the other one is from Hakim (I'm not sure which one). Those are used item but the thought of giving ........

What people normally said? Yes, THE THOUGHTS ARE COUNT.

And for this time, the thoughts of giving 'something' to Ayah as a token on father's day really touched me. Alhamdulillah, those little hearts able to show their appreciation.

As for myself, did I wish 'Happy Father's Day' to Bapak? ............

Bapak, we dearly love you, no wishes can ever describe the love that we have for you .... no gift could ever replace the 'gift' of life that you gave us. All the hardwork, all sacrifices will be rewarded, insyaAllah.

But Bapak rarely at home when we were young. His work requires him to travel along with the train day in, day out. At home today, away again for another 3-4 days. The time we spent with him is very minimum. Bapak does not have much words to say to us when we were young. But I do remember when Bapak used to feed me when I was just a little girl, back in kampung. It will always be a 'One for you, and One for me', one for my mouth, and for bapak's. Hmmmmm ..... sweet memory.

When I was in standard 6, mak when to perform the Hajj, Bapak did not go because he has to look after us. That was when Bapak tried to accomodate me, just to please me who really cried my eyes out when Mak left at the airport, Bapak tried to fulfill whatever that I requested. He bought a colour TV (quite new in the market at that time), a washing machine (Mak refused to have one because cannot see the importance), and the best thing is, Bapak send me to school and fetch me from school everyday (normally I took the school bus). Spoiled am I? Don't think so.

One other thing I remember about Bapak is, he will wash my school shoes if I did not do it ......

Bapak, at 76

Semoga Allah berikan kesihatan yang baik untuk bapak meneruskan kehidupan ini dan membolehkan bapak terus tingkatkan ibadat terhadapNYA. Semoga Bapak sentiasa dalam peliharaan dan keberkatanNYA.

Kami sayang Bapak!!!!

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