Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sibukssss .....

Terlalu sibuk? Kenapa?

1) Really, extremely busy.
2) Last minute works.
3) Too many due dates at the same time.
4) Time management.

What is actually the reason for being tooOOO busy?

Yes, I was VERY busy for the past few days. But what was the reason?

Is it No.4? Partly yes, but No.3 is also true.

Hey! What about No.2? Hmmm...... Yes, perhaps a little bit of No.2. ... There you go!..... That is the result of poor time management. Believe it, with proper time management, you can handle the due dates well.

Ahhgg ....This is where I usually failed, TIME MANAGEMENT!

Due to No.2, you have No.3 and that is actually the result of poor No.4 and the outcome of it is No.1.

Therefore, to solve No.3, we must have proper No.4 and zero No.2. For No.1, nobody will escape from it till death comes ..... with proper handling we may reduce the 'really' and 'extremely' ...


Good Luck! Adios!!!!

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