Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sepohon Pokok Kurma

"Jadilah seperti sepohon pokok kurma, yang jauh dari kejelekan dan tinggi tak terjangkau oleh kejahatan. Bila dilempar dengan batu, ia menggugurkan buahnya; sentiasa hijau, baik di musim dingin mahupun di musim panas; lagi banyak manafaatnya." (Petikan dari buku Jangan Bersedih: Jadilah Wanita Yang Paling Bahagia", tulisan Dr Aidh Abdullah al-Qarni, terjemahan Muhammad Huzaifah. ms. 63).

Makanan Istimewa Ini.

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Dates nutrition

A 100 gram portion of fresh dates is a premium source of vitamin C. Since dates contain relatively little water, they do not become much more concentrated upon drying, although the vitamin C disappears in the process. Each date provides about 20 calories, and is a good source of carbohydrate, fibre, and potassium, also providing some calcium and iron along with other vitamins and minerals in smaller amounts. Dates do not have significant amounts of fat, cholesterol, protein, or sodium. Here are some examples of the nutrition of some type of dates:

Khalas (100g):
82.9 g sugar
2.9 mg vitamin C
1.59 % protein
0.93 % fat
Sukkari (100g):
66.7 g sugar
80 u vitamin A
2.9 mg vitamin C
1.32 % protein
1.73 % fat
Segae (100g):
79.4 g sugar
2.4 g vitamin C
2.07 % protein
0.96 % fat

Use of dates and other palm tree products

Dates are an important food for travelers in desert or in the mountains because they provide them with a complete nutritious meal (see the above nutrition fact of dates). Beside that, dates are easy to carry and no cooking is needed to prepare them for eating because dates are often eaten out-of-hand.

Dates can also be used for cooking. They can be chopped and used in a range of sweet such as cakes and other dessert dishes and other savory dishes (see examples of our recipes).

Dates are also processed into paste and date syrup called 'dibs' which most likely are used in some recipes.

Recent innovations include chocolate-covered dates and date juice.

Date palm leaves are used for making huts, mats, screens, baskets, brooms, large hats, and fans.

Palmwonders will try in the future to provide some of these products to the online customers if there were a good demand for them.


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