Monday, April 27, 2009


Phew! Berpeluh-peluh walaupun dalam dewan aircond. Bersesak-sesak di celahan ribuan orang. Nak jeling buku, tapi pada masa yang sama perlu pastikan 'rantaian' tak terputus (anak-anak le tu .... he he he). Itu lah serba sedikit yang dapat aku gambarkan tentang Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur (PBAKL) yang kami kunjungi pada hari Ahad (26 April 2009), yang lepas.

That was our first visit to PBAKL. My husband does not like crowds. We avoid going to places that are crowded with people, etc. Sales, Pasar Ramadhan. That is the reason why we normally do our Hari Raya shopping very early, 1st weekend in Ramadhan. But this time, Ayah gave-in to his children's request. He has agreed to go to PBAKL with hesitation.

We leave the house at about 8.30am. Stop for breakfast at Khulafa', Seksyen 7 (I think we deserve a loyalty card from Khulafa' for being a regular patron!). Start off to KL at about 9am. Before that, I made my kisds recite the doa' to start a journey.
Off we go. We wish to beat the crowd at the PBAKL.

On arriving the Putra Bus station ..... jeng! jeng! jeng! Alamak! Throngs of people were already flooded the area, parking was already difficult to find. Alhamdulillah, we manage to find a shady parking area at the Hentian Putra, for RM3 per entry (btw, my husband and me have our own memories at Hentian Putra ... ehem ehem).

Entering the PWTC, it is already a crawl!! I told my children to stay close to me, especially hakim, who likes to wander on his own. I gave Atikah the responsibility to look after him ( what a difficult task!).

We move from one booth to another, still couldn't find what we are looking for. Ayah is no where in sight. We gathered at a 'peaceful' location and wait for ayah. Ayah eventually turn up and sugggested that we went to another floor. Atikah is looking for books written by Ain Maisarah. Hakim has nothing in particular but hooked on 'Kenapa Kulit Kura-kura berpetak-petak?'. He sulked all the way until I bought him the book. Sabrina, as usual has no demands. We finally found the booth we wanted to find, PTS Publishing, Ana Muslim, Asuh etc. It was almost 12 noon at that time. Each of my kids grabbed few books that they like. Atikah got herself Ain Maisarah's books as she wanted. So did Sabrina. Hakim as usual, will not go without his dinosaur's book. I found a few for myself. We gathered at the entrance. Ayah asked whether the kids want to continue to other floors ... everybody shook their head. Everybody was already tired, and suffocated with oceans of humans in the exhibition hall. So we decided to go back.

Before heading to Shah Alam, ayah decided to treat us at Insaf. Yummy .... I love the ice blended Mango there. All three were fast asleep at the back seat of the car all the way from KL to Shah Alam.

What an experience, let them feel it for themselves and decide whether they would want to go to another Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur.

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