Tuesday, August 5, 2008

These are the places ....

SubhanAllah! Ya Allah! These are the places I am longing to be. Will I ever be there again?

Makkatul Mukarramah. I remember very well the first sight of Kaabah in front of my own eyes. Tears were running down my cheek. I could not help it. It's the feeling that no words can explain.

I can still remember that moment. Hajj 2003. It was just after solat Isya' at Masjidil Haram when our bus stopped to make way for throngs of muslims returning from performing their Isya' solat. We (ladies member of the group and me) have just arrived at our Hotel room which is overlooking the Masjidil Haram after a long journey from Malaysia, waiting for the bus at the Jeddah aiport and a long bus ride from jeddah to Mekkah.

Ust Hassan (our group leader) has scheduled for us to perform our tawaf and sa'i in the morning. None of us have perform our solat. When looking at the tower of Masjidil Haram, we knew it. We just could not wait for the morning to be in Masjidil Haram. We try to persuade our husband to accompany us to Masjidil Haram. But, since most of us were the first timer, Ust had to give in and brought us to Masjidil Haram that night. It was approximately 10.00 pm Saudi time. That was the moment when I first put my feet into this Holy place. A place that is protected by ALLAH. A place where ALLAH has promised rewards for those who perform solat in it.

What could I say?


There were so many peoplein front of Kaabah, everybody with one intention - to find solace, to give our self to the Creator. Ya AZIM.

Ya Rahman, Ya Rahim, may my prayer be answered for I shall again be there .... InsyaAllah.



  1. salam Water Lily @ Ina,

    Ni Ina mana ya? bagilah clue lagi...coz ramai Ina yg akak kenal.


    Ya Allah...rindunyaaaaa pada Kaabah, Rindunya Mesjidil Haram, Rindunya Mesjid Nabawi!... masih segar dalam ingatan..sebab akak baru pergi tahun lepas...
    Sentiasa berdoa agar Allah murahkan rezeki agar dapat pergi lagi...

  2. Terlalu dekat - satu kampung di Shah Alam, dan satu tempat mencari rezeki. ;-)